Grape varieties : 20% malbec, 60% merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc.

Average age of the vines 55 years old.
Density : 5700 vineplants / hectar.
Soil : Slopes of limestone covered by 30 cm to 1 m of brown clay.
Method :
Field under controlled grass. Guyot double pruning, 6 buds. High trellising (1,90m). Debudding. Thining out of the leaves. Harvest in green. Controlled yield of 25 hls/ha. Manual selection of the best grape bunches, like required by a wine for excellence.
Cellar : Thermo-regulated. Modernized in 2000.
Vinification : Cold macerations. Alcoholic fermentation and macération over an extended period to extract the aromas and give the wine all its strength. Malolactic fermentation into new French oak barrels.
Ageing : 24 months. 200% new French oak barrels. Topping up weekly.
In 2009, Château Rousselle produced 979 bottles of NOT 4 U.

Wine tasting : A wine with coated and grease tannins which offer a very long finish in the mouth. Not 4 U has a deep and shining garnet color. Its pronounced expressions of fruit perfectly balance with the richness of oak. Black fruit aromas, blackberry, cherry, morello, blackcurrant harmonize to floral notes dominated by the violet flavor of malbec, the ageing into new French oak reveals toasted, vanilla and spicies aromas , to which are added mineral notes from the soil. NOT 4 U is an elaborated, fine-cut wine. Its tannins will become sharper during the 4 first years, after which it will start to age with great finesse. Experiment this evolution is a fascinating adventure for all wine lovers.
NOT 4 U can be aged for a long time.

Wine/Food accompaniment : It will go perfectly with all meat and their sauce; with game, strong cheese and chocolate desserts.

NOT 4 U can also be served as an apéritif with a few walnuts.

Tasting advice : Bring to room temperature if possible 48h before opening the bottle. Decant 3 hours before serving to give it more elegance. When opening the bottle, the nose is powerful, pouring out its fruit and oak complex aromas.

Label : Unique. Manual labeling. Numbered back label. Cork : Extra quality natural cork. Bottles : Heavy bottle, “sommelier” style. Wax capsule handmade. Packaging : Tissue paper and individual box.
AOC : Côtes de Bourg