High Environmental Value

Great news !
Our conversion into BIO as began from february 2020.

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High Environmental Value; how it works?
We have improved the following indicators:

Biodiversity :

We conserve the ecosystem, the plants, the insects, our soils and we protect the animal habitats, etc. We recycle our water
(emanating wine production residues and washing water usage) and preserve the agro-ecological systems and sustainable development.
We are among the first to have abided to the environmental regulations.

Fertilization :

We have moved away from using chemical fertilizers to a more environmental friendly approach.


Phytosanitary :

We have stopped the use of weed killers. We use phytosanitary treatments under strict regulation, and only in extreme cases to protect our vineyard against dangerous diseases.
(any abuse could prevent us from gaining the certification again).


“High Environmental Value” certification; It’s similar to Bio: level 3.

Both certification comply to the same values, work ethics and diligence with the aim to protect the environment.

* Only after a three year process and after obtaining the qualification you gain the right to show the official logo on your products.
* Following the grenelle event for the environment, the French State was the initiator of this certification.
* Anthocyane sarl for all of its productions is controlled by AFNOR.
* The level 3 HVE is also the respect of the environmental regulation.

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