Vincent Lemaitre and his team cultivates today 23 hectars of vineyards. The vineplants are growing on the distinctive hills of the area between Bourg and Blaye.


Château Rousselle – AOC côtes de Bourg

20,5 hectars in AOC Côtes de Bourg (among them 18 hectars in one piece). Those parcels spread into the territory of 3 villages : Saint Ciers de Canesse, Villeneuve et Saint Seurin de Bourg.


Exposure : north-facing, on the gentle slopes of the hills, 30 to 60 meters above sea level. Vines with a north-facing exposure give tannic red wines.


Soil : slopes of limestone covered brown clay.

On the map : Calcosols sur calcaires gréseux et calcosols argileux sur calcaires à astéries.


Climate : temperate, moist and mild climate of the Atlantic ocean.


Château Haut-Vigneau – AOC Blaye

2,5 hectars in AOC Blaye, parcels all in one piece into the village of Plassac. The production of these vines is sold under the brand Château Haut-Vigneau.


Exposure : south-facing, vineyard on the top of a hill, more than 80 meters above sea level. South-facing exposure of the vineplants gives wines lighter and more flexible than wines obtained from vines north-facing.


Soil : clay over a base rock of limestone and gravel.

On the map : Hauts reliefs résiduels, dépots marmo-calcaires, détritiques, calcaires ou graveleux.


Climate : temperate, moist and mild climate of the Atlantic ocean.