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Our wines are sold for more than 50% to export, over more than 20 countries. It is quite difficult to answer all reader of this website, freight rates.

Our importers, distributors can be more competitives regarding customs problems . We have created a website dedicated to the marketing of our wines. You will also find the wines of our favorites winemakers.



You are  a wine professional, do not hesitate to visit this website and to register to know our rates ex cellar.
As soon as you have validated the cart, we will return quickly to you, with a quote adjusted for the transport costs.
So the validation of the basket is a request for quotation not an effective order (Place an Order)
If you validate with a payment without transport costs, the wine are ex cellar Rousselle.


More information on  : AWS : Anthocyane Wines Selections


Passionate for wine, Vincent Lemaitre, owner&winemaker, have searched through all the French regions some wine with a taste of authenticity. When the marriage of the nature and the work of a man on a specific soil simply produces a wine with a soul. A genuine wine.
The genuine wines selected offer all the qualities to become a reliable value on the most demanding market: an affordable price, a traditional French packaging with recognizable graphics, a wine always bottled at the property with the name of the owner specified on the bottle.
To stay authentic, this selection is limited by the will of Vincent and Julien to maintain a real professional relationship with the winemakers selected. And this will guarantees you as well high quality logistics.


More information on  : AWS : Anthocyane Wines Selections